Skiing, freeride, snowrafting

Winter sports are very popular in Slovakia thanks to well-equipped resorts that attract many local as well as foreign visitors. In the mountain areas there are 36 modern skiing resorts operating, they provide 350 km of downhill tracks and 600 km of cross-country tracks, thus offering great skiing conditions for everyone.  You will get there by 1,000 ski tows and many cableways of the up-to-date design.

Except skiing and cross-country you can do snowboarding, Ski-mountaineering, try a bobsleigh track, snowrafting or snowtubing, unique Boarder Cross track, or winter paragliding. 

  • Cross-country Skiing

    Alongside with downhill skiing, cross-country skiing is also becoming still more popular. Well maintained cross-country trails of various levels of difficulty and length can be found in several ski resorts (e.g. Štrbské Pleso, Tatranská Lomnica, Skalka, Tále, Osrblie, Šachtičky, Donovaly, Jasná).
  • Dog Sleigh

    One of the most favourite winter sports is the traditional dog sleigh race that has good conditions and a long tradition in Slovakia. Several international competitions regularly take place in various parts of Slovakia.
  • Downhill skiing

    Thanks to skiing possibilities they offer, The High Tatras are well known also abroad. But not everybody knows, that in winter there are good conditions for skiing in almost the whole territory of Slovakia.
  • Enjoyable Activities in Winter Resorts

    Has it ever happened to you that you were on a seven-day skiing trip with a group of friends in the mountains and suddenly you became fed up? You needed a one day break and do something else. Also those who cannot ski but want to spend their time with their skiing friends are in a similar situation. But what to do during the day when everybody is on the slope?
  • Freestyle and freeride snowboarding

    In Slovakia freestyle and freeride snowboarding together with freeskiing (freestyle & freeride skiing) have seen a boom lately. In recent years fun parks with various jibs have been built in every major skiing resort.
  • Ice Skating

    Skating has a long tradition in Slovakia and even nowadays it counts among very popular sports. Indoor ice-skating rinks, public skating rinks and open-air ice areas offer an opportunity to enjoy skating experience in the winter season.
  • Paragliding

    Paragliding is one of the youngest air sports which are able to provide people what the nature cannot provide them - flying. The feeling of the free flight is very intense and cannot be compared to anything else. Slovakia, thanks to its mountainous surface, offers very good conditions for this beautiful sport.
  • Ski mountaineering

    The number of ski mountaineering fans is growing in Slovakia. It is a mixture of ski touring, high-mountain skiing and mountaineering. Its developing base of members is founding clubs and the number of races is also increasing.