An oasis of relaxation in summer and winter

Discover the water worlds of the Slovak aquaparks. Water slides, tropical paradises, and numerous water attractions spread throughout modern thermal pools offer an oasis of relaxation not only in summer, but also in winter. Bathing below the snow-capped mountain peaks is truly an unforgettable experience. Slovakia offers top-notch entertainment and wellness!

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  • Aquapark Tatralandia

    Tatralandia – summer in any season.

    Discover a tropical paradise under the Tatra Mountains with year-round temperatures of 30°C (86°F) and the beneficial effects of thermal and salt water. Experience adventure and fun all in one place. Try out 26 slides, get refreshed in 14 pools, take flight with Superfly Tatralandia or relax in 19 saunas with various spa procedures.

  • Thermalpark Šírava

    Thermalpark Šírava is a modern thermal park on the shores of the Zemplínska šírava dam in the village of Kaluža. It is situated on a picturesque peninsula called Medvedia hora (Bear Mountain), which is considered one of the most beautiful places at Zemplínska šírava.
  • Wellness Hotel Patince

    The Wellness Hotel Patince**** is situated in southern Slovakia by Patince's thermal swimming-pool complex (15 km from Komárno towards Štúrovo). The thermal water in Patince has a healing effect on the human motor system.
  • Aquapark Aquacity

    AquaCity Poprad is a modern and eco-friendly tourist resort which is literally self-sufficient in terms of energy. Using geothermal water and solar energy on a daily basis prevents tonnes of carbon dioxide from being released into the atmosphere. AquaCity manages to cut energy costs and return the savings back to customers in the form of affordable eco-friendly luxury.
  • Water Park Bešeňová

    This fine park, which is located in the beautiful setting of the Choč Mountains overlooking both the Low and Western Tatras, boasts a wide variety of three indoor and thirteen outdoor pools, nine outdoor water slides, a number of children's slides and hot tubs. The resort also features a new pebble beach that includes a nudist area. Relaxation and entertainment for the whole family are provided all year long.
  • Aquapark Senec

    Recreation and relaxation water world of Aquathermal Senec Company is situated in a well-known resort Sunny Lakes (Slnečné jazerá) in Senec. Due to its purpose and location it provides accessible rest whole year round in beautiful environment of a sought-after resort, close to Bratislava and all important roads.
  • Thermal Corvinus Veľký Meder

  • Aquapark Thermal Oravice

    The modern thermal park is built in the wonderful surrounding of Orava, close to the border with Poland. The highly mineralized thermal water, which springs in the depth of more than 1 kilometre, works curing/healing on psychic and stress and is used/utilised in balneotherapy.
  • Vadaš Thermal Resort

    The Vadaš Thermal Relaxation Resort is located in the town of Štúrovo near the Slovak-Hungarian border. It is especially in summer that the centre becomes an ideal place for entertainment and relaxation where a number of sports facilities and other amenities are available. The resort boasts a large pool called the "Lagoon" that includes artificial waves and whose shape resembles a sea bay.
  • Spa & Aquapark Turčianske Teplice

    The Spa & Aquapark resort is in a beautiful aqua park, in the centre of  Turčianske Teplice. It has two parts: ‘SPA‘ area (healing thermal water, 38 °C) and AQUAPARK area (thermal water up to 33 °C). Both are open throughout the year.
  • Thermal Swimming Pool Podhájska

    Thermal Swimming Pool with an unique therapeutic geothermal water, with the mineral consistency similar to the Dead Sea water. There are other additional services in the area of swimming pool as massages, sauna etc. The complex is situated in the green area with sculptures made at the regularly organised art symposiums.
  • AquaRelax Dolný Kubín

    AquaRelax is a modern aqua park in Dolný Kubín, outstanding for its unique pyramid architecture. It uses only crystal-clear water in stainless steel pools.
  • Vodný svet – Kúpele Číž

  • AquaSpa Gánovce

    Healing springs have been mentioned in the area of Gánovce as far back as 1549. A spa village was gradually built around them. 
  • Aquatermal Kupko Strehová

    Aquatermal Strehová swimming centre is in the southern part of the Banská Bystrica region, in the district of Veľký Krtíš between Lučenec (25 km) and Veľký Krtíš (13 km). The swimming pools are supplied from three 36 °C thermal wells.
  • Holidaypark Kováčová

    Entertainment and relax in the thermal healing water all the year round. The year-round open aquapark was built in place of the previous thermal swimming pool. 
  • Kúpalisko Dudinka

    The Dudinka lido is located near the Dudince spa. It is located in an area with an extraordinarily warm climate at an altitude of 140 meters. There are four pools (a pool with water attractions, recreational, childs pool and a mineral pool).
  • Permon's Paradise

    Permon's Paradise is the largest hotel wellness complex in Slovakia.
  • Predná Hora Recreation Resort

    The Recreation Resort at Predná Hora is situated in the picturesque natural scenery of the National Park of Muránska planina plateau. In the heart of the beautiful country you will find a pleasant pension with the Water and Vital Worlds and other attractive services. At Predná Hora, you will find relax for your body and peace for your mind.
  • Relaxation and rehabilitation centre in Horné Saliby

    The relaxation and rehabilitation centre in Horné Saliby is a year-round thermal swimming-pool located in the flat part of southern Slovakia between the towns of Galanta and Šaľa. For fun-lovers there is a 72 metre-long slide with its own exit pool.
  • Retro Thermal Diakovce

  • Santovka Wellness

    Thermal Swimming Pool Santovka Welness with geothermal water and beneficial impacts on rheumatic deseases and cardiac - vascular system is located 14 km from Levice. There are unique massage waterfalls, the natural stone showers and  travertine baths also called the rome spa.
  • Spa House Aphrodite Rajecké Teplice

    The two pools use thermal water from Rajecké Teplica, which contains hydrogene carbonate, calcium and magnesium. The rehabilitation/swimming pool is used for swimming and other activities, it’s larger with a water temperature of 30 - 32°C. The healing/relaxation pool offers a comfortable place to sit in a thermal water with a temperature of 37 - 38°C.
  • Thermal Open Air Pool Čajka Bojnice

    Bojnice located open air summer thermal pool Čajka in a beautiful scenery under fabulous Bojnice Castle and near the zoo and spa offers thermal water of 26 to 33 °C in 5 swimming pools (50 metres x 2.5 metres, 2 for children and 2 new stainless steel swimming pools) during its season. There are leisure facilities available in the spa, you can enjoy water slide, children playground, air castles, volleyball grounds, swings and open areas for leisure use.
  • Thermal Pool Veronika in Rajec

    The facility includes eight pools that suit the needs of all kinds of visitors, with the swimming pool being the largest of them, as it is 50 metres long, 21 metres wide and 1.8 metres deep. The centre also features a car park, a wide selection of snacks, sports (beach volleyball, mini golf, table tennis and basketball) and amenities for children (a water slide, a number of slides, jungle gyms and a sand pit).
  • Thermal Pool Vrbov near Kežmarok

    In the Thermal Pool Vrbov you will find the right geothermal water, which is considered one of the best mineral waters in Central Europe containing important mineral substances for the human body. 
  • Thermal Swimming Pool Izabela Vyšné Ružbachy

    The Izabela Thermal Swimming Resort with five outdoor swimming pools (including two children swimming pools) is located in the attractive setting of Vyšné Ružbachy. There is also an indoor thermal swimming pool open throughout the year. The wide range of services includes a balneal programme, a wellness programme and sports facilities.
  • Thermal Swimming Pool Komárno

    The town of Komárno, which lies on the banks of the Danube on the border with Hungary, and its surroundings are full of historic monuments and attractions. The Komárno Thermal Swimming-pool lies in the centre of the town and is packed full of water attractions and opportunities for having fun and relaxing.
  • Thermal Swimming Pool Kúpele Sliač

  • Thermal Swimming Pool Laura Rajecké Teplice

    You can bathe in the Laura thermal spa in two swimming pools, from which one is for the children. The water temperature is 20 - 26oC. The area also offers mini-golf, beach volley, restaurants and snack bars with fast food. A parking lot is nearby.
  • Thermal Swimming Pool Malé Bielice

  • Thermal Swimming Pool Sklené Teplice

    The spa lies in the North-Western part of štiavnické vrchy in the valley of the Teplá creek. There are thermal springs here with a water temperature of 28 - 53°C.
  • Thermal Swimming Pool Termal Raj Liptovský Ján (Termálne kúpalisko Termal Raj Liptovský Ján)

    The wells of the spa are filled with waters from the Rudolf spring. The water has healing attributes of rheumatic diseases, disorders of female organs, skin and locomotive organ diseases. In the area of the spa you’ll also find swimming pools, relaxational pools, pools for kids and a pool with a fountain.
  • Thermal Swimming Pool ThermalPark Nitrava

  • Thermal Swimming Pool Vieska Turčianske Teplice

  • Thermal Swimming Pool Vincov les Sládkovičovo

    The area of the bath features a thermal spring with a temperature of 62°C. The facility offers its visitors 5 pools: one swimming pool, two recreational pools, the kids pool, swings, slides, kids jungle gym, sandpit, trampoline and a small mountaineering wall. Obviously, the area offers catering and accommodation services.
  • Thermalpark Dunajská Streda

    Thermalpark in Dunajská Streda is one of the most popular and most visited recreational resorts of South Slovakia. In the resort of area exceeding 18 hectares there are 10 outdoor and indoor pools for swimming and relaxation. The thermal water of 39 Celsius degrees temperature is suitable not only for pleasant relaxation, but it is also beneficial for musculoskeletal illnesses.

  • Water Paradise Vyhne

    In the magnificent countryside of the Štiavnica hills, where there used to be old spas, you can find the Vyhne Water Paradise thermal swimming-pool. It offers visitors fun, rest and comfort all year round in its healing thermal waters with a high iron content and a temperature of up to 36,5 °C.