Underground wealth

Slovakia is a country blessed with underground wealth, as the healing power and beneficial effects on the human organism bubble up to the surface from mineral springs. Thanks to their curative power to treat disease and revive health, they have been regarded as miraculous and remarkable since time immemorial.

The therapeutic spas in Slovakia are among the oldest and best quality in Central Europe. Possibly the best known spa resort is Piešťany, which became renowned not only for its unique thermal mineral waters, but also for its therapeutic sulphuric mud.

Rajecké Teplice enchants all its visitors with its exclusive antiquated atmosphere, while Turčianske Teplice spa will spoil you with its unique procedure, the Golden cure.

Two spas are unique in Europe. Firstly, in Sklené Teplice is the spelaean steam pool, appropriately named “Parenica”, then in Trenčianske Teplice is the Hammam Turkish baths.

The exceptionally clean mountain air of the Vysoké Tatry (High Tatra mountains), which are home to several climatic spas, help the treatment of respiratory diseases.