Small area but with nine national parks

The Carpathian mountain range starts in the westernmost part of Slovakia. And they undulate throughout the whole country. The highest point of one of the most striking mountain ranges in Europe can be found in the Tatras. There is no higher mountain range further north in Europe. Slovakia is the roof of Central Europe. Water from the mountains runs into the Danube and then south to the Black Sea, as well as through Dunajec heading north to the Baltic Sea. But it isn’t only the Tatras which offers excellent opportunities for mountain tourism. You can also experience beautiful countryside views from the ridges of the Low Tatras, Malá and Veľká Fatra.

If you want to enjoy waterfalls, gorges and rock formations then visit Slovak Paradise, Pieniny, or Strážovské Hills. The plateaus, meadows with colourful flora and unusual karst formations in the Muránska Planina and Slovak Karst National Parks will take your breath away. Take a trip to watch wild animals in the deep forests of Poloniny, Čergova or Poľana. Your guide through the mountains will be one of the best marked networks of hiking paths in the world. Whichever path you take, you can take a rest in the cosy atmosphere of mountain chalets or traditional shepherd’s cottages.

  • National Park of High Tatras

    The oldest of our protected areas, the National Park of Tatras (TANAP) in the north of Slovakia, was founded in 1949. It covers the high-mountain area of the Tatras and it is the unique protected area of flora and fauna among the tallest European high mountains situated north of the Alps.
  • National Park of Nízke Tatry

    Národný park Nízke Tatry (NAPANT) is the largest Slovak National Park. It lies in Central Slovakia and its greatest attractions include numerous karstic phenomena and caves.
  • National Park of Slovenský raj

    The National Park of Slovenský raj situated in the eastern part of Slovakia contains one of the biggest ice caves in Europe and an attractive landscape of karstic plateaux, gorges, waterfalls and caves. The monuments that testify the oldest history of the region and the country are also here.
  • National Park of Pieniny

    The National Park of Pieniny (PIENAP) is the smallest of the Slovak National Parks, but as far as its beauty concerns, it is in no way less beautiful. It is the second oldest Park in Slovakia. It stretches on the border with Poland; the river Dunajec passes through it. It is possible to hire a raft and admire the wonderful scenery of the Park navigating down the river.
  • National Park of Malá Fatra

    The National Park of Malá Fatra is situated in the westernmost Slovak high mountains Malá Fatra. Gorges, rock peaks and an attractive ridge tour are among its attractions.
  • National Park of Veľká Fatra

    The National Park of Veľká Fatra, lying in central Slovakia is typical for its continuous forest, long valleys and the largest locality of original yew tree occurrence in Europe.
  • National Park of Muránska planina

    The National Park of Muránska planina with its wild mountain karstic landscape and minimum human interventions is located between central and eastern parts of Slovakia. On the top of the peek, we find the fabled ruins of the Castle of Muráň.
  • National Park of Slovenský kras

    The National Park of Slovenský kras lying in the south of Slovakia next to the frontier with Hungary is the largest karstic area in the middle Europe (440 square kilometres) with the densest concentration of underground forms. There is 1100 caves and abysses, which are inscribed in the UNESCO List of the World Cultural and Natural Heritage.
  • National Park of Poloniny

    The easternmost Slovak National Park is that of Poloniny. It contains original extensive beech and fir-beech forest and the primeval forests of Stužica, Rožok and Havešová, which were put on the UNESCO list of world natural heritage in 2007.