Wine routes

Slovak wines were awarded at the prestigious competition Concours Mondial de Bruxelles, held in Bratislava in 2013, by 60 medals, out of which 3 had the highest value GRAND GOLD. Slovakia ranks thanks to that in the evaluation of countries to an excellent sixth place. To come to Slovakia and get to know the unique wines should be on the itinerary of every gourmand. There are six wine-growing regions and eight wine routes in Slovakia. Such routes will enable you to know reputable Slovak wines – from light white through to rose, red to unique sweet wines from the Tokaj region.

    • Region Tirnavia

    • Central Slovakian viticultural region

    • Eastern Slovakian viticultural region

    • Little Carpathian Wine Route

    • South Slovakian viticultural region

    • Tokaj Wine Route

    • Vintage of the Malé Karpaty