Beer routes in Slovakia

Beer routes are a novelty among the gastronomical tours in Slovakia, allowing not only to taste, but also to experience beer - honest, healthy, high quality, often with a unique signature of the local brewer. Travelling around breweries brings along the creation of beer culture, education about the craft of the brewing industry, making friends, and gastronomic experience. Through the localisation of microbreweries, craft breweries and restaurant breweries, beer routes of different tastes located in particular regions of Slovakia have been created. Cheers!

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  • Beer Route from Town to Town

    The beer route connecting big towns with breweries leading through the towns of Žilina, Trenčín, Trnava and Nitra.
  • Bratislava Beer Route

    The beer route of the capital as a city beer route, represents a blend of various beer flavours, which contributes to the character of the beer culture in Bratislava. Several interesting breweries are located in the city.
  • East Slovakian Beer Route

    Beer in eastern Slovakia is truly "at home". Centuries-old history of brewing the golden beverage is reborn with improvements that meet both the gastronomical trends, but also the refined appetite of local beer brewers. The East Slovakian beer route is for many an undiscovered territory, full of various beauties, but also well-known for beer brands in many other regions of Slovakia.
  • The Central Slovakian Beer Route

    Mountains, old legends, beers of exceptional qualities and diverse tastes, it is exploring central and northern Slovakia connected with beer tasting.
  • Záhorie Beer Route

    In the Záhorie region, few people would think that it is this part of Slovakia that represents a unique brewing area, with a high concentration of craft breweries and restaurant breweries. Towns such as Stupava, Holic, Senica, Prievaly, hide a unique opportunity to try beers from enthusiastic brewer masters, who in addition to beer hops and malt, add a true piece of art, music, remarkable stories, which are behind the preparation of the golden fluid.

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