Slovakia from the bicycle saddle

It supplies energy, strengthens muscles, eliminates stress, cleanses the head...

The health benefits of cycling will come regardless of whether you will ride uphill 1000 m high or choose shorter distances by stepping on the pedals. Not to mention that you don't burden the environment on two human-powered wheels. Take advantage of the sunny spring days to combine the pleasant with the useful and get to know Slovakia from the saddle of your bicycle.

In the country where Peter Sagan was born, every type of cyclist can enjoy himself - road and mountain, mountaineer and plain lover, recreational athlete, EuroVelo route collector, and adrenaline enthusiast of freeride and downhill tracks.

More than 16,000 km of marked cycling routes will take you through mountain ridges and picturesque valleys, and show you medieval towns, fairytale castles, mystical ruins, magnificent mansions, and world monuments on the UNESCO list. (Photo: Michal Reiberger,

Just choose!