Cultural heritage

Slovakia is unique. With an ideal location in the heart of Europe, several thousand years of history and the influence of neighbouring nations have left Slovakia an immense cultural heritage: Celtic settlements, Roman fortifications, Slavic cult sites, mansions, fortified castles of the Hungarian nobility, medieval mining towns, Renaissance and Baroque palaces, and Greek, Catholic, and Orthodox wooden churches.

Treasures from the past

Majestic treasures, impressively embedded in stunning natural scenery, hiding the secrets of the ancient past. Castles, palaces, mansions, and their ruins have always been an integral part of Slovak history. Once the seats of famous rulers, withstanding enemy attacks, and hosting significant historical events, they still maintain an atmosphere of fame, elegance, and romance.

The diverse architecture and artistic styles, reflecting different historical periods, offer visitors unique experiences even today. They have their mysterious stories and legends. Dive into them.

Folk architecture

The varied life, creativity, and art of our ancestors are put on display at the country’s open-air museums and historical reservations of folk architecture. Thanks to these unique exhibitions you can still admire the unmatched elements of traditional folk architecture and folk culture.

They provide an authentic picture of the various types of housing used by the Slovak people across different regions in the past. They are architectural treasures created by simple tools with incredible technical precision, artistic resourcefulness, and sophisticated functionality.

Unique folklore and folk traditions

People in Slovakia have lived in harmony with nature and with respect and humility towards their ancestors, customs, and traditions, which formed the basis for their way of life, folk culture, and folklore.

Many unique folk customs and traditions have been preserved to this day, whether in the form of folk architecture, music, singing and dancing, unique customs, and folk art and crafts.

Charming nature

You’ll instantly fall in love with Slovakia’s nature. Discover its beautiful and extraordinary landscapes. It’s not just the Tatras – the world’s smallest high mountain range – Central Europe’s largest karst region, or virgin forests. There are nine national parks that will provide you with fascinating and unusual experiences.

Hardly any other country in the world is endowed with such an abundance of various underground karst formations. Slovakia offers 6,200 known caves, and 18 of them are accessible to the public.

Health from nature

Slovakia has been blessed with immense underground riches. Their healing powers and beneficial effects on the human body bubble up to the surface in the form of numerous mineral springs. Thanks to their ability to treat diseases and restore health, they have been considered miraculous and remarkable since time immemorial. The medical spas in Slovakia are among the oldest and finest in Central Europe.

Slovakia by bike

Slovakia’s nature offers a huge number of fascinating and unusual experiences. Fans of active and healthy relaxation can enjoy the country from the seat of one of the most environmentally-friendly means of transport – the bicycle. They can explore breathtaking rocky mountain ranges, canyons and gorges, mysterious mountain valleys, winding meanders and beautiful waterfalls, rare flora, fauna, and many other irresistible natural landscapes. After all, Slovakia is cycling country and home to Peter Sagan.