Thermal Pool Vrbov near Kežmarok

Location: Prešovský kraj, okres Kežmarok, Vrbov

GPS: N49°4'54'' E20°25'14''

In the Thermal Pool Vrbov you will find the right geothermal water, which is considered one of the best mineral waters in Central Europe containing important mineral substances for the human body. 

Geothermal water, which the pools are filled by, springs from a depth of over 2000 m and contains minerals with beneficial effects on the musculoskeletal and respiratory system, nervous system, skin and cardiovascular system.

The temperature of the springing water reaches 59 °C. In the pools, the temperature from 26° C to 38 °C is maintained. Substantial relaxation is contributed to by spouts with flushes of running water below which visitors relax their stiff muscles. The swimming pool is very often visited by sportsmen who need to rest and recover strength after hearty skiing or hiking. If anyone needs help from an expert, he or she can benefit from Thai massage with different kinds of massages.

For guests there is a snack bar, you can dine amply at Koliba which is located directly in the area of the thermal swimming pool.
The entry to the pools is located in a newly built glass building, from which a canal leads to the outdoor pools. During the winter season, there are five pools available:
• stainless steel pool with clean water which is equipped with spouts (32° C),
• stainless steel pool - "butterfly" with geothermal water (38° C),
• sitting pool with thermal water (38°C),
• swimming pool with thermal water and temperature (26° C)
• children pool inside the building with clean water (32° C).

Comfort and pleasant relaxation will be certainly evoked by the impressive panoramic view of the Tatra peaks.

Source: Thermal park Vrbov