The ZOO PARK in Stropkov

Location: Prešovský kraj, okres Stropkov, Stropkov

GPS: N49°12'17'' E21°39'6''

Opened all year round, the ZOO Park in the east-Slovak town of Stropkov, situated in the Nízke Beskydy Mts., is an attractive cultural and educational facility, the only one of its kind in Slovakia.

Besides presenting various interesting foreign animal species in 40 volaries, the ZOO Park also fulfils the role of planet’s gene pool protection.

It is a place frequently visited mostly by children who enjoy its aesthetic design containing a great number of atypical children’s facilities, a fairy-tale-style snack bar called The Red Riding Hood, or the contact ZOO providing children with an opportunity to feed the animals. Moreover, it is fully accessible for the disabled.

Visitors, be they children or adults, may watch not only exotic animals, including beasts, turtles, birds of prey, ornamental poultry and reptiles, but also the beautiful and rare plants, bushes and trees.

This popular facility provides an opportunity for relaxation, learning, rest and sensibly spent leisure time of children and the youth in the heart of nature all year long.

Author: IK LE

Source: ZOO park Stropkov