The Wine Shanty Open Day on the Wine Route Záhorie

Location: Trnavský kraj, okres Skalica, Skalica

GPS: N48°50'46'' E17°13'40''

Venue: Skalica

Date: 10/26/2019

Event type: gastronomic event, TOP Event, event for youth

Plenty of opened wine shanties offering wide range of wines and homemade delicacies with lots of fun and joy in a friendly companion. Annually, Skalica surroundings livens up every autumn with a cheerful event celebrating the beverage of kings. This year, the Shanty Open Day on the Wine Route Záhorie will begin in Skalica on 26th of October.

Since 2010, the Záhorie Wine Route NGO has been annually organising the Day of the open "sheds", when people come not only to taste the wine, but also to meet, talk and visit shanties and cellars and enjoy the charms of true craftsmanship. Also this time you can look forward to delicious wine, superb food and a cultural programme.

There are six winemaking regions and eight wine routes in Slovakia. The Skalica winemaking territory belongs to the northernmost such regions in Slovakia and it is one of the 12 winemaking territories of the Little Carpathian winemaking region. The Little Carpathian wine route is the oldest and most prominent wine route in Slovakia and an inspiration for the youngest so far Wine route Záhorie, dating back to 2003 when the community organisation Wine route Záhorie NGO was founded. Red wine is characteristic for this area, among others Blaufränkisch and the trademark "Skalica Ruby", however, white wine varieties are also grown here, mainly the Grüner Veltliner.

The Wine route Záhorie winemakers and vineyards can be found in the following municipalities: Borský Mikuláš, Gbely, Holíč, Kátov, Kopčany, Koválov, Mokrý Háj, Moravský Svätý Ján, Petrova Ves, Prietržka, Radimov, Radošovce, Skalica, Smrdáky, Štefanov, Unín and Vrádište. Each vineyard includes a wine cellar, called “shed”. The smallest ones serve only as storage rooms for tools, but in the larger ones the grape is directly processed and stored and they are often used as a meeting point where winemakers and their families and friends gather for a glass of good wine.

Come to beautiful enviromnet of northern Záhorie historical region and join the extraordinary event infused with viticultural spirit. Shanties will be open between 10 a.m. and 8 p.m.

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