The walk next to the Danube (Komárno)

Location: Nitriansky kraj, okres Komárno, Komárno

GPS: N47°45'45'' E18°7'46''

The starting and final point: Námestie gen. Klapku square
: Námestie gen. Klapku square - The Courtyard of Europe - Námestie gen. Klapku square

The walk around Komárno starts in front of the Zichy Palace from the 17th century (today the seat of the Podunajské Museum) on the Námestie gen. Klapku square. Another interesting building on this square is the Neo-Renaissance town hall built in 1875 on the foundations of an older structure.

After having visited several churches standing in the immediate vicinity of the square one cannot miss the unique compound of buildings called the Courtyard of Europe characteristic for individual areas of Europe. The access leads through entrance gates. Each gate bears the name of one Hungarian ruler.

Source: Vydavateľstvo DAJAMA