The walk around the spa (Piešťany)

Location: Trnavský kraj, okres Piešťany, Piešťany

GPS: N48°35'21'' E17°50'2''

The starting and final point: Kúpeľný ostrov
: Kúpeľný ostrov - Kolonádový most - Kúpeľný ostrov

Kúpeľný ostrov (The Spa Island), which is a kind of “town in town” boasts an interesting scenery full of statues and founts. Thermal public swimming pool and the network of sanatoriums are parts of it. The history of the hydrotherapy demonstrates the Museum of Balneology set in the wonderful spa building also referred to as the Kursalon and the structure of the Old or Napoleon's spa.

The centre of Piešťany is connected with the Spa Island via the interesting Kolonádový most bridge, built in 1933. The statue of a man breaking a crutch, the symbol of Piešťany, is situated at the bridgehead.

Source: Vydavateľstvo DAJAMA