The walk around the golden town (Kremnica)

Location: Banskobystrický kraj, okres Žiar nad Hronom, Kremnica

GPS: N48°42'18'' E18°54'57''

The starting and final point: Štefánikovo námestie square
: Štefánikovo námestie square - town castle - Štefánikovo námestie square

The fame of town Kremnica in the past stemmed in gold mining. It also was the reason why Kremnica was called the “golden town”. The walk through the town starts on the Štefánikovo námestie square and heads to the main dominant of Kremnica - the town castle with the Gothic St Katarína church built in the 15th century. The top platform of the church tower is open to public and provides a fine view of the town and its environs.

After returning to the square a visit to the Franciscan monastery and church built between the years 1653 and 1660 follows. Visitors should not miss the Museum of Coins located in one of the burgher houses in the southern row of buildings on the square. It was opened in 1890 as one of the first in Slovakia.

Source: Vydavateľstvo DAJAMA