The Trnava Gate

Location: Trnavský kraj, okres Trnava, Trnava

GPS: N48°22'15'' E17°34'60''

Venue: Trnava

Date: 8/16/2019 - 8/18/2019

Event type: folklore event, gastronomic event, market, TOP Event, event for children, event for youth, music event

A unique exhibition of folklore life, traditions and habits not only from Slovakia, the international festival of folklore ensembles Trnava Gate welcomes folklore lovers with a rich offer of music, dance and traditional costumes.

Performances of the best local and international folklore ensembles are scheduled to take place at High Street in Trnava. But not only there, the City Amphitheatre reserves the main part of the programme.

A wide range of both Slovak and foreign folklore groups and soloists will perform for you during the international folklore festival Trnava Gate.

Trnava, an important trade centre in medieval Hungary, opens its four gates to traders and craftsmen from all over the world. And so, following a magnificent history, it opens its gates for the thirteenth time now and the streets liven up with temperament folklore, folk culture and original habits.

The festival has already created a tradition over several years and because the number of visitors is growing, the Trinity Square has become the main stage for the Trnava Gate performances. It will host almost 900 performers from Friday till Sunday.

A pleasant atmosphere is enhanced thanks to the parade in folklore costumes who makes you sing and dance. The ensembles introduce themselves with ornaments, the most characteristic artistic demonstrations of their village or region. A must is also a folk craft trade that shows works and products made by skilled master craftsmen and folk art producers. You can taste also traditional local nibbles, including honey cakes and pretzels.

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