The Tatras show a new level of gastronomy. Literally

You cannot leave Slovakia without visiting the High Tatras, even when you are on a gourmet trip. In their foothills, you will find one of the best restaurants, but unforgettable gastronomic experiences will also be served here at 2600 m above sea level. m. And a fancy herbal tea that will more than just warm you up.


At the end of the village of Batizovce, directly below the peaks of the highest Slovak mountain range, stands the hundred-year-old Gašperov Mlyn (Gašper Mill). It stands out for its old-world, even fairy-tale atmosphere, but not only that attracts guests from the most luxurious Tatra hotels. The family restaurant focused on fine dining has been among the top for years and one of the most interesting restaurants on the Slovak gastronomic scene. When cooking, chef Jozef Breza emphasizes honest preparation and high-quality fresh ingredients, while he likes to reach for lesser-known ones as well. On purpose: have you ever tried a white turnip with cottage cheese? His feeling for imagination is reflected not only in the balance of flavors but also in the appearance of the dishes, which are often served here not only on the plate. Of course, there is a bottle of delicious wine, which you can rely on the knowledge of the sommelier to choose. By the way, the exclusive tasting menu here changes from day to day, so there is no danger that you will be treated to the same thing even after a repeated visit after a long time. They keep a visitors' book here so that every dinner at their place is really unique for you. If you want to try their five-star concept, reserve a place here at least a day in advance. The sensitively renovated interior can accommodate only fifteen guests. It is the modest capacity that guarantees that you will not only get an exceptional gourmet experience from Gašper's mill but also a good feeling from the pleasant and smooth service. If you are in the restaurant for the first time, take a good look not only at the old parts of the mill mechanisms, and hand-woven and embroidered curtains on the windows but also at the fireplace in the middle of the room with small mugs. Each mill had a waterman, and he had his mugs in which... But they will tell you this history on the spot. Gašperov Mlyn is also an ideal place for perfect weekend relaxation, as it also has cozy rooms and a private wellness area that will satisfy even demanding guests.


The usuals for the ones in mood of experience

The Tatra gastronomy was brought to a new level in Cafe Dedo. You can enjoy a cup of quality coffee, traditional Slovak cheeses, or grilled vegetables here - on Lomnické štít, the second highest mountain in the country – at an altitude of 2634 m above sea level. m. Believe that surrounded by Tatra mountains, your breakfast will have a completely different flavor. A unique cable car from Skalnaté pleso will take you up to the clouds in less than nine minutes. And those views! They are most beautiful at sunset, but observing the night sky, whose mystical beauty is not disturbed by city lights, is also an unforgettable experience. Stay in one of the two apartments there and experience a night on Lomničák (a nickname of Lomnický Peak), which in 2018 was ranked among the best in Europe by the prestigious monthly travel magazine GEO Saison.

Photo: Martin Maličký, OOCR Región Vysoké Tatry

The coloring of the Slovak high mountains is inextricably complemented by 13 high-altitude cottages. It is here that you can recharge your batteries after a day's hiking. Most of them provide Tatras tourists with refreshments, relaxation, and the opportunity to sleep throughout the year. Take advantage of it and experience the best of the High Tatras for yourself: walk around the crystal clear Štrbské pleso, enjoy the views from Rysy Mountains, listen to the roaring water of the mighty Skok Waterfall, and conquer, with the help of the mountain guide, the majestic Gerlachovský Peak. And shake hands with one of the mountain porters, who still carry everything necessary to the alpine huts on their backs. You won't experience anything like this anywhere in Europe. If you want, you can try it yourself. Just take any log that is waiting for willing and free hands along the marked routes. At Zamkovská chata (Zamkovská hut), you will be rewarded for your help with an excellent goulash, and maybe also by tea. But, be careful, there is no tea like tea in Slovakia! The grateful cottagers will surely be happy to explain to you, that the Tatra Tea one stands out not only for its high concentration of herbs. By the way, when discovering the beauties of the Slovak highest mountains, be sure to test horalky wafers, which you can recognize by the flowers of the edelweiss and the silhouette of the Tatra peak on the packaging in the colors of the Slovak tricolor. Wafers dipped in chocolate with a delicious peanut filling made this sweetness a classic, the love for which has lasted for decades.