The Sharp Scythes of Ostrý Grúň

Location: Banskobystrický kraj, okres Žarnovica, Ostrý Grúň

GPS: N48°34'45'' E18°39'6''

Venue: Ostrý Grúň, Segetov štál

Date: 6/25/2016

Event type: folklore event, sports event, market, concert

One of the rounds of the Scythe Mowing Championship is regularly held on the meadows above the village of Ostrý Grúň. Under Mount Vtáčnik, scythe mowers from all over Slovakia and their spectators can enjoy Slovak specialities and folk culture, ride horses, tractors and much more.

The Scythe Mowing Championship always features a varied accompanying programme, including: performances by popular singers and bands, local choirs, the farm court, riding horses and tractors, a scythe mowing crash course, competitions for kids and adults, craft courts and a wide selection of refreshments.

It is currently the largest cultural and social event in the entire Kľakovská Valley.

Source: OOCR Región Gron