The ridge of the Krivánska Fatra Mts. – east - Malá Fatra

Location: Žilinský kraj, okres Žilina, Terchová

GPS: N49°12'30'' E19°2'33''

Chata Vrátna - Snilovské sedlo - Chleb - Hromové  - Poludňový grúň - Stoh - Veľký Rozsutec - Zákres - Zázrivá (9 1/2 hours)

Mountain range: Malá Fatra (NP Malá Fatra)
Region: northern Považie, Turiec, Orava

Starting point: Chata Vrátna, bus stop, parking lot, district Žilina.
Finishing point: Zázrivá, bus stop, parking lot, district Dolný Kubín.

Time schedule: Chata Vrátna - Snilovské sedlo 1 3/4 h - Chleb 1/2 h - Hromové 1/4 h - Poludňový grúň 3/4 h - Stoh 1 1/4 h - Veľký Rozsutec 2 h - Zákres 1 h - Zázrivá 2 h. 
Map: Malá Fatra - Vrátna, 1 : 50 000 (sheet 110), VKÚ, a. s., Harmanec.

Description of the route: The second part of this beautiful albeit difficult ridge tour in the Krivánska Fatra Mts. is an all-day, long, and strenuous trip with great altitude difference. The ascents to the Snilovské sedlo saddle, to the Stoh Mt. and to the Veľký Rozsutec Mt. are especially difficult. Long descent is that from the Veľký Rozsutec to Zázrivá. 
The whole top part from the Snilovské sedlo saddle to the Malý Rozsutec Mt. boasts wonderful setting and far-reaching views including the deep Vrátna valley and many mountain ranges of the northern and central Slovakia.  The last section also offers the views of picturesque villages around Terchová and Zázrivá. Spring is to be found in the Medziholie and Medzirozsutce saddles. Orientation is easy if the weather is good. Otherwise the descent from the Veľký Rozsutec Mt. requires increased attention. The trip is recommended only if the weather is good.

Source: Vydavateľstvo Dajama