The public likes the newly-opened Zámok Vígľaš

Location: Banskobystrický kraj, okres Detva, Vígľaš

GPS: N48°33'18'' E19°17'58''

In the nationwide public Building of the Year competition, the winner in the category Award of the Public 2014 is the renovation of the national cultural monument, The Grand Vígľaš manor hotel which has been open to the public for three months.

Zámok Vígľaš is a place which combines a medieval atmosphere with the top services of a four-star hotel. The grand renovation takes visitors back to the Gothic, Renaissance and Baroque periods, and is an aristocratic gem, not only of the Podpolianska region, but also of Slovakia. Everyone can visit the popular seat of the Hungarian kings with a guide and lecture three times a day at 11.00, 13.00 and 15.00. You can also visit the collection of arms in the knights' halls and in the corridors, or an exhibition of photographs of the renovation process in the entrance courtyard.

Accommodated guests can use the hotel's wellness centre. The Wellness – Queen Barbara Spa offers a swimming-pool with counter-current, a whirlpool, infra sauna, Finnish sauna, cooling pool as well as different types of massages. The grand Anjou Court restaurant is named after the royal Anjou family whose presence is expressed by the dynasty's lilies and richly decorated, hand-painted ceiling.

Zámok Vígľaš also offers interesting exteriors for various events such as folk celebrations, performances by dancers, fencers or falconers. The entrance courtyard is suitable for public events and is also accessible to non-accommodated guests. The inside courtyard is ideal for large events such as concerts and various performances. Above the courtyard there is a large terrace used for social and gastronomic events.

Author: Mgr. Katarína Arvayová

Source: Paper Life, s.r.o.