The Plaveč Castle

Location: Prešovský kraj, okres Stará Ľubovňa, Plaveč

GPS: N49°15'41'' E20°50'37''

The ruins of the Plaveč Castle from the 13th century adorn the top of the hill towering above the wide valley of the Poprad river. It is an ideal place for unique views.

This is a sentry castle built to protect the road leading to Poland and the ford across the river Poprad. It name derives of the tribe of Plavci, which was invited by the kings of Hungary to settle in the boundary areas of the Kingdom in the 12th century. The owners of the castle gradually rebuilt. It was how the castle lost the appearance of the medieval fort. It burnt in 1856 and is in ruins since then. Only remains of the south-eastern walls with round tower exist.  

Access: on foot from the village Plaveč (it takes about 10 min.)

Source: Dajama