The Nízke Tatry ridge trail – 1st part

Location: Banskobystrický kraj, okres Banská Bystrica, Donovaly

GPS: N48°52'48'' E19°13'21''

Donovaly - Kečka - Kozí chrbát - Hiadeľské sedlo - Veľká Chochuľa - Sedlo pod Skalkou - Latiborská hoľa - Zámostská hoľa - Ďurková - shelter below Sedlo Ďurkovej (10 1/2 hours)

Mountain range: Starohorské vrchy, Nízke Tatry (NP Nízke Tatry)
Region: Horehronie, Liptov

Starting point: Donovaly, bus stop, parking lot, district Banská Bystrica.
Finishing point: Shelter below Sedlo Ďurkovej, district Brezno.

Time schedule: Donovaly - Kečka 1 3/4 h - Kozí chrbát 1 h - Hiadeľské sedlo 1/2 h - Veľká Chochuľa 2 1/4 h - Sedlo pod Skalkou 1 1/4 h - Latiborská hoľa 1 1/4 h - Zámostská hoľa 3/4 h - Ďurková 1 1/4 hod - shelter below Sedlo Ďurkovej 1/2 h. 
Map: Okolie Banskej Bystrice - Donovaly, Nízke Tatry - Chopok, 1:50 000 (sheet 100 and 122), VKÚ, a. s., Harmanec.

Description of the route: Difficult and very strenuous tour thanks to its large altitude difference and length. It is recommended to start at the dawn. After the demanding ascent from the Hiadeľské sedlo saddle to the crest of the Prašivá Mt., the profile of this ridge trail remains more or less balanced and maintains its altitude above sea level except for one saddle where it drops below 1,500 m. Orientation is on acceptable level. There are no shelter or refreshment available on the route, the last opportunity to refill water is above the Hiadeľské sedlo saddle and after only in the final part of the tour in the shelter below the Sedlo Ďurkovej saddle. You have to overnight in your own sleeping bag.

Source: Vydavateľstvo Dajama