The Modra Picnic

Location: Bratislavský kraj, okres Pezinok, Modra

GPS: N48°21'23'' E17°18'35''

Venue: Modra, Harmónia

Date: 5/11/2019

Event type: theatre festival, gastronomic event, exhibition, TOP Event, film festival, multi-genre festival, historic event, event for children, concert, lecture, event for youth, music event, workshop

Open the picnic baskets with grandeur and noblesse on the blankets the grandparents also used to use. Immerse in the atmosphere our ancestors loved in Modra's Harmónia, once a fashionable spa spot. Travel back in time in the golden era of swing, slowfox and tango.

The extraordinary event of its kind will take you to the times of Art Nouveau. Explore the contemporary picnic culture of the high society and experience live history, entertainment and edification, and also, the culinary delicacies as well as excellent wines from the Little Carpathian region.

Enjoy watching or even take part at a period fashion show or get familiar with luxurious villas in the surroundings on a walking tour. Make your second Saturday of May unforgettable.

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