The Memorial of the Coat of Arms of Košice

Location: Košický kraj, Košice

GPS: N48°43'10'' E21°15'31''

In 1369, Košice, as the first town in Europe, received the document of coat of arms from the sovereign. One can admire this artistically decorated memorial in the southern part of the main Košice square.

The memorial, built in honour of its coat of arms, is situated in the southern part of the central square in Košice. The coat of arms of Košice was created as early as in 1369. Košice was the first town in Europe to be given the right to use its own coat of arms by the sovereign Louis I.

The bronze sculpture of the memorial reflects the historical basis of the coat of arms. It represents an angel with a shield, a helmet, a jewel and covers. The bronze sculpture is 310 cm tall and it stands on a stone pedestal made of granite from Liberec. It was solemnly dedicated on 8th December 2002.

Source: Vydavateľstvo DAJAMA