The manor house Humenné

Location: Prešovský kraj, okres Humenné, Humenné

GPS: N48°56'17'' E21°54'30''

The town Humenné is situated on the middle reach of the Laborec river in the east of Slovakia and it has an originally Renaissance manor house. In the 19th century the manor was reconstructed in the Baroque style, which imitates the French architecture.

The powerful family Drugeth built it on the site of an old Gothic castle and for centuries it was the seat of one of the largest feudal estates in Slovakia.

Later, the Renaissance-Baroque building fell in hands of the noble family Andrássy who reconstructed it into a form similar to French Baroque chateaux.

Now it houses the Vihorlatské múzeum (Museum of the region Vihorlat) with collections from the spheres of art, history and natural history. Their content is related to the region of upper Zemplín. Artistic historical exhibition, gallery of Kings of Hungary, Chinese drawing room, collection of arms, and the unique collection of Celtic-Dacian coins from the 2nd century BC are the interesting items deposited here.

Rare wooden species are grown in the garden of the manor house and there is an open-air museum exhibiting folk architecture.

Source: Dajama