The Hrušov Castle

Location: Nitriansky kraj, okres Zlaté Moravce, Hostie

GPS: N48°27'3'' E18°26'16''

Several kilometres north of Topoľčianky in the Tribeč Mts. in west of Slovakia are the ruins of the Hrušov Castle towering on top of the Skalka Mt. at the height of 488 m.

This royal castle built in the 13th century guarded the trade road passing over the mountain range Tribeč. It was destroyed by the Imperial army in 1708 and is in decay since then. However, its surviving walls induce a romantic atmosphere and provide a nice panoramic view of the Tribeč and Pohronský Inovec Mts.

Access: on foot from the village Skýcov following the green hiking marks (it takes about an hour); also on foot from Topoľčianky or Jedľové Kostoľany

Source: Dajama