The Ghostly Procession in Bojnice

Location: Trenčiansky kraj, okres Prievidza, Bojnice

GPS: N48°46'45'' E18°34'52''

Venue: Bojnice

Date: 4/21/2018

Event type: theatre festival, historic event, event for children, dance event, event for youth, music event, TIP

He's comming... A strange spectacle can be witnessed in Bojnice this April, less thank a week before Lord of Time arrives to Upper Nitra region. On the occasion of the jubilee 25th edition of the International Festival of Spirits and Ghosts, the charming town of Bojnice will experience a spectacular march of more than two hundred spooky performers.

The parade also opens the summer tourist season in Bojnice. Therefore, you can also enjoy the manifold cultural programme that will take place at Hurban Square. Sultans of Aquilla falconers from Bojnice, Krampus devils, majorettes from the Leisure Centre in Prievidza, the Girl's Dance Saxophone Orchestra from Luhačovice and many others will present their artistry in here.

In the heart of each of us there is a destination, in the mind there is a way. The Devil lives in each of us... Lord of Time will present a historical story about the fight against time, against our temptations and our fear. Fight against it!

Web: Bojnice Castle Museum