The Doughnut Carnival

Location: Košický kraj, okres Spišská Nová Ves, Krompachy

GPS: N48°54'22'' E20°53'28''

Venue: Plejsy

Date: 2/15/2020

Event type: Carnival, folklore event, gastronomic event, sports event, multi-genre festival, event for children, dance event, event for youth, TIP, workshop

The Eastern Slovakia town of Krompachy cordially invites you to enjoy the seventh year of this special winter event, the Doughnut Pastry Carnival held on the grounds of the Plejsy ski resort. This year's carnival welcomes visitors and anyone who enjoys Carnival traditions, good food, skiing and simply getting out into the fresh air.

A celebration of folklore has been organized with folk ensembles presenting Carnival customs, a traditional, authentic pig slaughter and snow events such as skiing in Carnival masks, building snowmen and a doughnut eating competition. Different types of desserts such as "pankušky" and sweet cakes are baked by local chefs during the event.

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