The Days of Master Pavol International Cultural Festival (July - August)

Location: Prešovský kraj, okres Levoča, Levoča

GPS: N49°1'34'' E20°35'20''

The Days of Master Pavol International Cultural Festival in Levoča communicates the cultural message that includes street performances of actors, musicians and dancers. Held in July and August annually since 2001, it attracts visitors to all kinds of culture and art.

The festival always culminates in August when the International Master Pavol’s Plain Air Workshop takes place where young painters, carvers and photographers present their artistry, skilfulness, dexterity and talent. The event is dedicated to Master Pavol of Levoča, an excellently gifted carver, whose masterpieces whether represented by magnificent sculptures or altar architecture full of sense and sensitivity are admired in Slovak churches by the whole world.

Another August attraction is the Carpathian Craft Market. Its atmosphere returns the visitor a few centuries back into the era of the famed Levoča’s markets where skilled craftsmen offered both items of art and everyday use. The hands of present-day master craftsmen traditionally produce folk art items made of clay, metal, thread, twig or wood right before visitors’ eyes. The market lasting until late night hours is intertwined with a rich cultural programme.

At the end of the festival Levoča always puts on its mysterious attire. The light play, the town’s historical square illuminated by fireworks after dusk, as well as a valuable cultural programme provide even those most demanding visitors with an unforgettable experience every year.

Author: IK LE

Source: SÚZ Levoča