The Bratislava Hotels Belong to the Cleanest in the World

Location: Bratislavský kraj, Bratislava

GPS: N48°8'30'' E17°6'32''

The capital of Slovakia experienced another success in the area of tourism. Bratislava hotels are among the cleanest hotels in the world. 

According to the 6 million users who have booked their accommodation through the prestigious website, the cleanest hotels in the world are in Tokyo, Warsaw, Seoul, Bratislava and Sofia.

As reported by the portal, although the hotels in Tokyo do not provide views of white sandy beaches nor do they have walls with magnificent Italian frescoes of the Renaissance period, for tourists the key factor is cleanness, which also influences the popularity and the liking of the hotels. In the assessment, Tokyo hotels got 8.93 points from a possible 10. Warsaw hotels, where the "guests can also eat from the floor" gained 8.76 points, hotels in Seoul 8.73 and in Bratislava 8.54 points, as well as the hotels in the capital of Bulgaria.

At the opposite end of the scale were hotels in Rio de Janeiro (7.29), London (7.52), Oslo (7.53) and Amsterdam (7.58). The sixth rung of the dirtiest hotel rooms in the world was reached by Paris hotels with 7.63 points.

The portal provides services to more than 250,000 hotels worldwide. The company is a member of the German company reservation portal. The report was published by The Wall Street Journal. 

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