The Best Exhibition of the Year 2013 Is the Rodošto

Location: Košický kraj, Košice

GPS: N48°43'21'' E21°15'36''

The East-Slovakian Museum in Košice invites free entrance to the exposition Rodošto - Pamätný dom Františka II/Memorial House of František Rákoczi II. on Friday 12, September. The reason is the proclamation of the best exposition in 2013 - the annual award of Monuments and Museums Revue for the year 2013 and the beginning of the European Cultural Heritage Days 2014, which was received by Rodošto.  

The Monuments and Museums magazine together with its publishers, the Slovak National Museum and the Board of Monuments of the Slovak Republic, has already awarded these prestigious prizes for the most important activities in the field of cultural heritage protection 23 times. 

Of the 148 nominations, prizes were awarded in each category, in the category of acquisition of the Slovak Association of Physical Culture - Museum of Physical Culture in Slovakia and Vera Čáslavská for an extremely valuable acquisition / donation of two Olympic gold medals and the Slovak Technical Museum - Museum of Transportation, Slovak Water Management Enterprise, Slovak Shipping and Ports for the acquisition of the Šturec tugboat from the year 1937. It is the first boat in the collections of the Slovak National Museum and at the same time the last existing boat of its type.

In further categories, prizes were awarded as follows:
Category Exhibition - the Tomb of a Magnate from Poprad, Category Publication - the Monograph of Anton Schmidt 1713 - 1773, the Life and Works of a Baroque Painter and the publication: the Slovak National Museum - 120 years. In the Category of Minor Publications - small print, is an award winning anthology, Monuments of Trnava and the Trnava Region. In the Category Recuperation - the Madách Family Manor House in Dolná Strehová, in the Category Restoration - the guild flag of Bratislava furriers with both sides painted from 1751 and in the Category Activity, Event, the set of activities Yesterday, Day before Yesterday - Cvernovka and its Stories, dedicated to the hundred years history of the Bratislava textile factory Cvernovka.