The Barbora Route

Location: Banskobystrický kraj, okres Banská Bystrica, Banská Bystrica

GPS: N48°44'14'' E19°8'50''

Discover rare historical monuments, as well as the possibilities of your own physical stamina. Immerse yourself in the beautiful surrounding countryside and feel your soul being uplifted by this unforgettable walking tour.

The scenic Barbora Route passes through the most significant mining monuments and sights associated with the mining tradition throughout the region of the former Central Slovak mining towns.

The entire route lasts approximately
190 km and should take 8 or 9 days to complete. Travelers walk the route along marked hiking trails at an altitude that changes often during the tour.

What interesting sites await you on the route?
Banská Bystrica: the altar in St Barbora's Chapel in the Church of the Assumption; Špania Dolina: the Banský náučný chodník nature trail; Staré Hory: the Basilica minor; Kremnické Bane: the geographical centre of Europe with St John's Church; Kremnica: the oldest mint in the world, the town castle and St Catherine's Church, the Ferdinandova dedičná štôlňa adit and Mining Museum in the Andrej adit; the ruins of Šášov Castle; the Sklené Teplice spa; Banská Štiavnica: significant mining and technical monuments, the Glanzenberg adit, the Banská Štiavnica Calvary, water reservoirs in the vicinity of the Štiavnica mines; Zvolen: Pustý hrad and Zvolen Castle; Hronsek: the wooden articular church; Banská Bystrica: Vartovka observatory, and many others.