Sport Zone in Jasná

Location: Žilinský kraj, okres Liptovský Mikuláš, Demänovská Dolina

GPS: N48°58'14'' E19°35'4''

Venue: Demänovská Dolina

Date: 2/10/2018

Event type: Carnival, sports event, event for children, dance event, event for youth, music event, TIP

Saturday, February 10th will be dedicated to sports for everyone in Jasná. Come during the Olympic weekend and take part in a race on the professionally prepared World Cup trail, win the Slovak Olympic Team medal and other attractive Olympic theme prizes. Men, women, children, skiers, winter enthusiasts, lovers of Tatra Mountains, you are all warmly welcome! Giant Slalom is dedicated for the public and anyone can register. The race consists of five categories within one round. The race will be accompanied by a perfect Après Ski entertainment on the Demänovka Ratrak Stage.

Categories include Men over 18 years, Women over 18 years, Juniors from 12 to 17.99 years, Children from 6 to 11.99 years also with Elite Category for registered athletes and ski instructors without age limitation.

Biathlon has been one of the most popular sports in Slovakia since the 1990s and is our most successful winter Olympic sport in terms of results. It is a typical winter sport combining cross-country skiing and smallbore rifle shooting. There is no specified running style for cross-country skiing. After a certain section of cross-country skiing athletes change for shooting. Come and get to know this beautiful winter sport on an easy track prepared for the public and designated to all age groups. You can try shooting from training biathlon rifles and check your accuracy. The track in Jasná will be available throughout the day with an instructor, who will be happy to provide you with all necessary information. Every participant will be given a small reward.

Curling is a collective sport in which players try to slide curling stones as accurately as possible to the designated area. The earliest reference to curling dates back to the 16th century when this sport was played on frozen Scottish lakes. Curling was involved in the official competitions at 1920 Winter Olympics and since the 1998 Olympic Games it has remained on the programme. You can try this not a very famous sport firsthand in Jasná. A short training area and original curling stones are ready for you, along with typical brushes that are also necessary for this game. Have fun with your family or friends and enjoy the unusual sport also in Slovakia. Every participant will be given a small reward.

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