Sport Flying

Admiring Slovak mountains and valleys from the bird´s eye perspective while rising up to the sky- either from an aerotaxi or directly from a cockpit. You can experience both in Slovakia - it is only up to you!

In Slovakia, sport flying was started as early as before the World War I. For our ancestors flying was very attractive because of lack of other possibilities of spending their leisure time. There was no television, computers or play stations at that time.

Would you also like to take a flight in a powered airplane? Here is the opportunity for you! The Aerotaxi will take you for a 15-minute flight for only 49.79 € and more. An hour trip in the air costs about 199.16 €. Every, even the least Slovak airport, offers such opportunities. A flight around the town - that would be a good prize for a lottery winner! Do you want something more? Learn to fly!

If you feel safer with the sound of the engine in your ears, you have several possibilities. In the home conditions the lovers of noisy flying can spend their energy in a single-engine plane with a cylinder engine, in powered gliders or in ultra lights. To be permitted to pilot these machines, you must go through a flying course and pass a pilots exam.

In Slovakia, courses of flying are provided by more than 20 clubs of sport flying and they belong to the all-state organisation - the Slovak National Aero Club.

The pilots licence in your pocket, you can fly all over the Slovak sky in your flying Cadillac. Your airplane does not weigh more than a luxurious limousine. Have a nice flight!

Source: AdAstra Net