Special pool for families with children in Rajecké Teplice

Location: Žilinský kraj, okres Žilina, Rajecké Teplice

GPS: N49°7'53'' E18°41'9''

The Aphrodite Spa in Rajecké Teplice is expanding its services, offering new sauna rituals and a cliff-side pool designed especially for families with children and equipped with massage jets, a water nozzle, and a waterfall.

These additions further strengthen the reputation of this luxurious spa meant to satisfy even the most demanding of clients.

If you enjoy saunas, but you’re fed up with just sitting around, this spa offers you a whole new dimension to your sauna experience. Choose from among 4 different types of sauna rituals–Ice Kingdom, Currant Touch, Detox, and Vitamin Refresh–performed in a Finnish sauna for 10-12 minutes, usually in three cycles.

Each ritual indulges the senses, rejuvenates the skin, and strengthens your health. The best option for summer is the Vitamin Refresh, which will boost you with energy and induce a relaxed, summery feel thanks to the fragrance of the green apples, papaya, and pineapple involved.

Fresh, cool fruit is served during the ritual and the air is constantly circulated through the use of hand fans.

The team of sauna masters will pamper you and recommend the most suitable type and duration of sauna experience, as well as prepare a tailor-made combination of sauna options depending on the desired effect and your health. The sauna master pours natural aromas with essential oil extracts over the stones and circulates the hot air to increase the humidity and temperature levels. Then, he or she creates the so-called heat stroke with fans or towels to heat up the body even more.

In the process of increasing and expanding the quality of their services, the spa has also kept families with children in mind. The cliff-side pool has changed its name to Family Pool.

It is a part of the Water World, located outside of the Aphrodite Spa Hotel. It is 130 cm deep and its dimensions comfortably accommodate children with swimming accessories. The temperature of the thermal healing water is maintained at 34-35°C, making the water neither too hot nor too cold.