Spa Vysoké Tatry - Nový Smokovec

Location: Prešovský kraj, okres Poprad, Vysoké Tatry

GPS: N49°8'18'' E20°13'3''

The unique alpine climate of the Vysoké Tatry and its beneficial effect on human organism was one of the main reasons to establish climatic spa in this mountain range, particularly in the settlement Nový Smokovec. MUDr. Nikolaus Szontágh, a physician who possessed some experience from the Alps, founded the spa and opened the first sanatorium in 1876.

Nový Smokovec, a newly established settlement west of Starý Smokovec, was intended as a spa from the very beginning of its existence and it preserved this function until today.  It was opened in response to new trends in balneology in the 19th century, which promoted climatic therapy in addition to hot water or medicinal mud treatments.

The dominant structure in the area became the sanatorium for TBC therapy built to the design of M. M. Harminc in 1925. Palace, another sanatorium of the same architect was added to it later.

Climatic therapy and active outdoor movement of patients is the main method of treatment applied to respiratory diseasesmetabolic disorders, as well as to mental diseases.

The therapy is based on individual inhalation procedures, respiratory and relaxing exercise, hydrotherapy, electric therapy, and thermo- and oxygen therapy.

Several operators of natural health spas or spa facilities with licenses from the Ministry of Health of the SR can operate in this spa resort. Spa care focuses on treatment of various health problems. More details on treated diseases and provided services can be obtained from particular operators whose contact information is provided below. A basic overview of operators and treated indications can be obtained also after clicking on “Overview of Slovak natural spa health resorts with indications” in the Related Links section.

Source: Dajama