Spa of Bardejov

Location: Prešovský kraj, okres Bardejov, Bardejov

GPS: N49°19'46'' E21°16'14''

The Bardejov Spa has a long history, with the first record of the spa stretching back to 1247 to the reign of Hungarian king Béla IV. In the 15th century, the spa began to be used for regular treatment.

Its good reputation reached as far as courts of prominent European rulers. The services of this "oasis of health and relax" were used by manywell-known historical figures, including Marie Louise, wife of French Emperor Napoleon I., Russian Tzar Alexander I., Empress Elisabeth (also known as Sissi), wife of Francis Joseph I., and other prominent European noblemen.

Thanks to its location, microclimate, mineral waters and the natural scenery of the picturesque valley surrounded by woods, the spa has all the conditions to provide appropriate treatment for ailments of the respiratory system, circulation conditions, digestive tract and disorders resulting from both physical and mental fatigue.

The biggest treasure of the spa is its natural mineral waters. Their composition ensures their place among the most important mineral waters in Europe. The springs in Bardejov are classified as hydrocarbonic, chloride, sodium, carbonic hypotonic with medium mineralization and relatively rich in boric acid.

A spa colonnade and a spa house are in the very centre of the spa. Glassed-in hallways link the house to the Alžbeta sanatorium and the spa's largest hotels Astória** and Ozón***. Treatment procedures are administered in the sanatorium that also includes a health centre and laboratories.

The world of relaxation and water fun, Wellness Spa in hotel Ozón - swimming pools and saunas world - is open not only for clients of our spa hotels, but also for visitors.

The spa area is also home to the following facilities: shopping centre, post office, cinema, church, the Museum of Popular Architecture, cafés, restaurants, amphitheatre for summer concerts, tennis courts, minigolf course, fitness centre, bowling bar, ski lifts, oxygen track, 35 kilometres of well-maintained tourist paths, natural swimming pool with heated water, and a salt cave. Guests can be certain that only high-quality health care, top-level services, complex treatment and especially rest and relax will be ensured in this beautiful area.

Several operators of natural health spas or spa facilities with licenses from the Ministry of Health of the SR can operate in this spa resort. Spa care focuses on treatment of various health problems. More details on treated diseases and provided services can be obtained from particular operators whose contact information is provided below. A basic overview of operators and treated indications can be obtained also after clicking on “Overview of Slovak natural spa health resorts with indications” in the Related Links section.

Source: Bardejovské Kúpele a.s.