Spa Nimnica

Location: Trenčiansky kraj, okres Púchov, Nimnica

GPS: N49°7'44'' E18°22'18''

The youngest Slovak spa Nimnica is situated between the towns of Považská Bystrica and Púchov in the north-west of Slovakia.

During the construction of the water reservoir in 1952, a profuse spring was discovered in Nimnica, which was an impetus for the origin and development of the local spa. After hydrogeological examination and verification of the therapeutic effects of the water, the exploitation of the local salty water started. The diseases treated in Nimnica include the digestive system, circulatory system and respiratory system diseases and diseases of the locomotive organs.  

The mineral water contains trace elements like potassium, magnesium, chlorine, iodine, sodium, calcium iron, and free carbon dioxide and is also used for therapy of oncological and gynecological diseases.  

The therapy leans on drinking of this water, inhalations and carbon dioxide baths.

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Source: Dajama