Spa Lúčky

Location: Žilinský kraj, okres Ružomberok, Lúčky

GPS: N49°7'57'' E19°23'59''

Spa Lúčky lying on the limits of regions Liptov and Orava is the one of oldest in Slovakia. It is popular for it provides complete therapy of gynaecological diseases, and it is the only spa in the county specialised in womens diseases.

Locals know the mineral springs since 1761.

The decisive healing element here is the plaster-earthy carbonic mineral water of the spa spring with the water temperature of 32°C. It contains natural carbon dioxide.  

Bath tubs, peat wrappings, steam baths and other procedures applying the local medicinal water are used often along with massages, physical or rehabilitation exercises.

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Source: Dajama