Spa Kováčová

Location: Banskobystrický kraj, okres Zvolen, Kováčová

GPS: N48°36'23'' E19°5'56''

Below the foothills of the Kremnické vrchy highlands, north-west of the town of Zvolen at an altitude of 320 m above sea level, we find Kováčová Spa, specialising in the treatment of diseases of the musculoskeletal apparatus and nervous system.

The basis of treatment is in the mildly mineralised, sulphuric-hydrocarbonate, calcium-magnesium water with increased fluorine content, at a temperature of 48.5°C.

The main therapeutic procedures used at the spa include pool and tub baths, supplemented by paraffin poultices, various types of massage and comprehensive physiatric rehabilitation therapy. In addition to treatment, one can find leisure activities, such as gym, nordic walking, group exercises and bicycle hire. In the village of Kováčová you can find also the well-known National Rehabilitation Centre.

The position of the spa in the pleasant countryside away from the hustle and bustle of life, combined with the tranquil atmosphere of the spa park, guarantee the optimum conditions for effective treatment, while also greatly contributing to overall physical and mental relaxation.

The gorgeous romantic surroundings of the spa will inspire you to take small walks and trips to get to know the beautiful countryside, which enchants every visitor.

Treatment methods
: pool thermal bath, thermal lava/peaty wrap, classical partial massage, back reflexology, water exercise, whole-body hydro-massage bath, leg hydro-massage, bathtub thermal bath, magnekon, diadynamic, ionomodulator, individual physical exercise, bio-lamp, Scottish showers, dry Finnish sauna, nordic walking, sea bath, honey massage, chocolate massage, banking (vacuum massage), hot stone massage, feet reflexology.