Hike through the rock town of Súľov Hills sprinkled with meadow orchids. Meet a mountain porter in the High Tatras coniferous forests full of siliceous scent. Take a romantic walk through the narrow streets of Banská Štiavnica, a mining town with a UNESCO brand. Watch a trained predatory bird´s flight at the fairy-tale Bojnice Castle. Enjoy the fishing or the acrobatic jump during the water skiing on Liptovská Mara. Feel the goosebumps from the drip decoration of the underground world in the Demänovská Cave of Freedom. Go adrenalin rafting on the wild mountain river Belá, below the iconic peak of Kriváň.

Unforgettable summer experiences are closer than you would expect. Just come to Slovakia. Discover with us the beauties of the country in the heart of Europe and enjoy the most relaxing time of the year completely!