SNP Museum

Location: Banskobystrický kraj, okres Banská Bystrica, Banská Bystrica

GPS: N48°44'7'' E19°8'60''

We will get the most complete picture of the Slovak National Uprising (SNP) when we visit the SNP Museum in Banská Bystrica, where the second largest anti-fascist uprising in Europe broke out on August 29, 1944.

The SNP Museum is located in a building that is quite unusual from the architectural point of view - it was built in 1969 as a SNP Monument.  It is set in a park that also features an open-air museum of military hardware used during the SNP. 

The Museum is in charge of a permanent exhibition called "Slovakia in Europe's Anti-fascist Movement of Resistance 1939-1945", that was opened for the public on August 29, 2004, in the area of the SNP Monument. 

Since 2002, the Museum has also administered an exhibition in the village of Nemecká called "Reprisals of the Nazis and Members of Hlinka Guards (POHG) in Slovakia between 1944-1945".

The Museum is also in charge of another exhibiton - "The Partisan Republic" - that is located in the burnt-out village of Kalište and was opened on August 18, 2007. Kalište was declared national cultural monument in 1961. 

The Museum also provides access to another Slovak national exhibition, with "The Tragedy of Slovak Jews" exhibition taking place in the Auschwitz-based State Museum of Auschwitz-Birkenau.

Since 2008, the Museum has also administered the "Fascist reprisals in eastern Slovakia" exhibition in the village of Tokajík near the town of Stropkov.

Source: Múzeum SNP