Slovak castles together in one place? Visit the Miniature Park in Podolie

Location: Trenčiansky kraj, okres Nové Mesto nad Váhom, Podolie

GPS: N48°40'2'' E17°45'57''

Would you like to see what these castles looked like 300 – 500 years ago, when they were in their full splendour and ruled by powerful feudal lords whose activities are still remembered through history, legends and myths?

In the village of Podolie in the Nové Mesto nad Váhom District, you’ll find plenty of them. Not, of course, in their actual size, but as miniatures.

Apart from castles, there are also models of churches and chapels, the bell tower of Hronsek and the Živánska Tower.

You will definitely find a large portion of Slovak history here.

Moreover, this interesting project is located in a very suitable place. It was inspired by the surroundings of Podolie, where you’ll find two “real” castles. And very important ones at that: Čachtice Castle, famous for the story of Elizabeth Bathory, and Beckov Castle, one of the most beautiful and impressive national cultural monuments of Slovakia.

If you would also like to take away some tangible memories from your visit of the Miniature Park, you can buy various souvenirs such as posters, pairs games, magnets, castle puzzles and many others.

This year, the Miniature Park has seen three new additions: our easternmost castle Tibava, the Black Castle and the Vartovka Tower of Banská Bystrica. And there is a mini-farm too.