Šariš Museum Bardejov

Location: Prešovský kraj, okres Bardejov, Bardejov

GPS: N49°17'33'' E21°16'35''

Permanent expositions in Bardejov and in Bardejovské kúpele (Bardejov spas) belong under the Šariš Museum in Bardejov.

Bardejov – permanent exhibitions:
Historical exhibition – Free Royal Town of Bardejov – Radničné námestie square 48
The exhibition is located at the Gothic and Renaissance Town Hall and presents the medieval history of Bardejov, as well as its economic, social and cultural life.

Icons – Radničné námestie square 27
The exhibition gathers iconographic sights of the Orthodox rite and presents the iconographic technique developments with respect to Carpathian icons.

Natural history exhibition – Nature of North Eastern Slovakia and its Conservation –  Rhodyho ulica street 4
The exhibition presents flora and fauna species typical for North Eastern Slovakia.

Spa of Bardejovské kúpele – permanent exhibitions:

Ethnographic exhibition - Vila Rákoci
The exhibition presents the Upper-Šariš folk costumes, home production and folk craftsmen products.

Museum of Folk Architecture - an open-air museum in the spa's area

Source: Šarišské múzeum Bardejov