Ružiná (dam)

Location: Banskobystrický kraj, okres Lučenec, Ružiná

GPS: N48°26'9'' E19°33'24''

Thanks to very pleasant climate and favourable geographic position in south of Slovakia between the towns Lučenec and Zvolen, water reservoir Ružiná (called after the near village) – attracts the national and foreign tourist.

The water reservoir Ružiná is among those that have the warmest water in Slovakia. Recreation centres Kotva and Divín, and a number of family cottages offer accommodation at the levels that comply any taste.

Holidaymakers can rent boats, windsurfing boards and other sport equipment. There are also volleyball ground and tennis courts available along with giant chess or Russian bowling.  A road, also designed for cyclists, connects the two recration villages.

The calm water table of the large dam is also widely known and highly appreciated by fishers who can catch here, among other, carps, sheat fish or eels.

The ruins of the Castle Divín, situated not far away of the dam, invite for a nice and undemanding walk.

Source: Dajama