Romantic Slovakia

Casanova won (not only) many women's heart, there were no doubts about the Romeo's love and José would surely prefer a perfect wellness to the bay. Love. Everyone desires it but only a few people are able to verbalize what it is. It is a treasure which we can’t hide, which is not possible to own. You have to fight for it.

Slovakia has enough romance for everyone, either those in love or those still seeking for someone. Many places in our country are filled with love, in all its forms and expressions. Do you want to see them for your own eyes? Come to find out and maybe also verify your love.

Many sites in Slovakia combine love, beauty and art. In here, you can find wonderful sceneries, breathtaking views, majestic mountains, impressive castles or unique churches made of wood. These churches, many of which are World Heritage Sites, also have remarkable atmosphere and can even inspire your most romantic decision.

Love is in bloom, it is not dependent on age. Sometimes, the real love comes to you at the second attempt. One never knows. The heart of country in the heart of Europe is opened for everybody who is in love as well as for everybody who is seeking love. It doesn't matter how old you are. You cannot know which place will determine your fate.

St Valentine's Day is also becoming more and more popular. A holiday for all those in love, lovers, husbands and wives, friends, people of good will, people who would do anything for the person they care for.

This day perhaps is a commercial holiday for some people, but still an opportunity for slow-down, shared experiences and professions of love for the others.

It is devoted to couples in love who are keen on recalling their love. Married couples, partners, lovers, engaged couples and friends are longing to harden their feelings, affection and bonds on that special day.

Luring for stories of romantic passion, sometimes jealously and sadness, but always a happy end, many castles, chateaux and manor houses throughout the year come with romantic tours for all who are in love, are beloved and are loving. Come and prove to your love that you can fight for it as a lion up to the last breath.

You can celebrate your love also in romantic chambers with your beloved one. Enjoy together the romantic moments as well as delicous dinner in candle light within unique premises of any of historical hotels. Let yourselves be lured by romantic appearance of former aristocratic residences and enjoy the noble luxury.

In the gems of historical architecture built with the grace and elegance of the period rules genius loci going hand in hand with the local seasonal gastronomy, modern furnishings and services. Besides other excitements, such places offer historical chambers that will take you back to the bygone days all year round.

Experience together a gourmet dining with candle light, relax and recharge new energy in the wellness and let your senses be tempted to the magical atmosphere.

And how to savour otherwhile a bit of romance if the time is your enemy? In an intimate milieu and surroundings, enjoy with your partner the unforgettable moments in the sense of relax and harmony in any of recreational areas in the beautifull nature, but still close to the city.

When stars twinkle to life, Slovakia takes on a magical mantle encouraging those in love wishing to remind their love to do so. It is charming also for those who are newly in love as well as it gives hope to those who still wait for love.

Prepare your better half a surprise your partner must be dreaming. Please your partner and yourself with an interesting experince waiting for both of you. Come to Slovakia and prove your most beloved what you feel is true and take promise of love.

Whether in the heart of beautiful nature with hundred-year old trees, in the luxurious rooms or inside a cosy mountain chalet, enjoy unique moments full of romance in wonderful premises of what Slovakia has to offer. Experience the unrepeatable magic of the surroundings on you own skin. Savour to be close to each other.

Author: Marián Ondrišík