Rock climbing

Are you tempted by the breath-taking peaks of the Tatras - the smallest high mountains of the world? What about trying to climb them? Do you object that you are only beginners or you have not started yet? No problem! All you need is to manage easier pieces that are offered to you right in our country, in Slovakia.

The clubs prepare rock climbing courses for beginners as well as for those who only want to try rock climbing. Moreover, the instructors are ready to give a large scale of theoretical knowledge as well as practical advice to those who already have some experience in rock climbing. Elementary courses are organised on small rocks providing more experience to climbers and better safety for more difficult climbing.

If you are interested in trying rock climbing in Slovakia with an experienced instructor, there are several individual and group rock climbing events, e.g. Pajštún near Bratislava, Manín and others. Their duration is individual - one or several days.

An ideal place for beginner rock climbers are Súľovské skaly in the Strážovské vrchy Mountains, more precisely in the Súľovská vrchovina Mountains. An easy surface with the cant of 250 - 500m is a popular place for the tourists seeking recreational summer hiking. The highest point is the mountain Veľký Manín (891 m over sea level) which owes its name to the brook Manínsky potok as well as to the splendid canyon - Manínska tiesňava. The canyon is bordered by steep rock walls of wild shapes and original names. This is a really convenient training surface for would-be climbers. The efforts given to climbing the rocks will be rewarded by a wonderful view of the environing nature.

If you really are an adventurer, the best rock climbing locality for you is the Rajecká dolina valley. It is well-known for a variety of climbing walls with the difficulty scale from 3 to 8+. The training of the climbing techniques (dolomite limestone) is performed north-east from the chalet Žiar - across the Rajeckolesnianska dolina valley (10 minutes from the chalet Žiar) to the village of Šuja. The training climbing grounds (25 km from the chalet Žiar) are located in Porúbka - the campsite Slnečné skaly (dolomite limestone). The village of Porúbka is accessible by car, train or bus. It belongs to the well-known climbing centres. The systems of rocks to be found in the Rajecká dolina valley are Lietava, Lietavská Svinná, Babkov (27 km from the chalet Žiar). You can get there by car if you turn left before the village of Lietava and continue in the direction of the village Lietavská Svinná, Babkov (sandstone).

Source: AdAstra Net