Reeve’s yard

Location: Trenčiansky kraj, okres Myjava, Myjava

GPS: N48°44'43'' E17°32'27''

Visit the city where the time stopped. Discover traditional forms of settlement, customs and life of our ancestors in the distinctive area with scattered farm dwellings (kopanice) of the surroundings of the Myjava town.

Life at the rural area was full of activities. First of all, the reeve together with his family had to take care of home animals, such as sheep, goats, chickens, hares and many others. However, that was not the end of the work in the area. It was also important to take care of special machines and equipment that the reeve used in his work with different agricultural plants.

Even if it may appear different at the first sight, the life on the reeve’s yard didn’t mean only hard work. The people had to take care of themselves, but still the work was connected also with singing and traditions.

Every host was welcomed by reeve and his wife with a glass of good Myjava´s vodka or greasy bread. In spring, celebrations fašiangy, Easter tradition šibačky(whipping with a rod) and majáles (rag-day). During summer and at the beginning of autumn - dožinky (harvest-home) and dupanie humna. During cold winter days -drápačky peria (tug of feathers) or zabíjačky (slaughter). However, one of the most beautiful celebrations was traditional mining wedding, when all the reeve’s surroundings became alive with colours of Myjava´s dresses and the music played to dance.

Today as well, you can experience a part of the past of our ancestors in Turá Lúkanear the town of Myjava. Every piece of reeve’s yard equipment is original. These things went through the hands of citizens and in this shape they capture a part of their life.

Apart from the ordinary service, you can take part in facultative trips that guarantee social events such as wedding, abattoir or party at barn, but also educational programs connected with traditional culture.

Author: P. Pastier

Source: Mesto Myjava