Protected landscape area Vihorlat

Location: Prešovský kraj, okres Snina, Zemplínske Hámre

GPS: N48°54'32'' E22°10'4''

Protected landscape area Vihorlat stretches in the eponymous mountain range in the east of Slovakia. It is now densely forested mountain massif with the typical water body of the dam Zemplínska šírava in the background.

Protected landscape area Vihorlat was designated in 1973. Today its area amounts to 17,485 ha. Administration of the PLA seats in Michalovce.

Its dense forests represent a kind of contrast to the distinctly deforested lowland Východoslovenská nížina that stretches in its neighbourhood. The mountain range represents the remnants of the Tertiary stratovolcano and the central part of the volcano with its original crater is near Morské oko.  

The natural lake Morské oko is the result of landslide when a large block moved down. Environs of the lakes are the most valuable parts of the Protected landscape area. It is also very attractive for tourist. The favourite destination of trippers is the dominant mountain Sninský kameň with bizarre andesite rocks on its top.

Source: Vydavateľstvo DAJAMA