Podtatranské Museum Poprad

Location: Prešovský kraj, okres Poprad, Poprad

GPS: N49°3'13'' E20°17'50''

The Podtatranské múzeum Museum in Poprad is one of the oldest museums in Slovakia. It is located in a pseudo-Renaissance building built in 1886 and it will answer many of your questions concerning the history of the sub-Tatra region. The Museum was established by the Hungarian Carpathian Society in 1876.

The Podtatranské museum Museum in Poprad 
Permanent exhibitions

Gánovce – The Environment of the Neanderthal Man 
The only exhibition in Slovakia whose exhibits enable the visitor to get to know the Neanderthal man living below the Vysoké Tatry Mts. 120,000 years ago.

Prehistory and Early Middle Ages below the Tatra Mountains 
The exhibition provides the most probable chronological picture of the regional historical developments from late Palaeolithic (10,000 years ago) up to the Middle Ages.

Poprad in Centuries 
Museum visitors discover the rich history of the town of Poprad and its near surroundings from the mid-13th to the early 20th century. Not only historical and economic development of the town is presented, but also the history of the Hungarian Carpathian Society and the Tatry and Carpathian museums (today’s Podtatranské museum).

Nature Known and Unknown 
The natural exhibition presents the nature of the sub-Tatry region. It consists of three comprehensive parts, those of inanimate nature, botanical and zoological part.

Elemír Montško Blue and White Print Workshop 
The blue and white print manufacture and use for clothes and interior design is presented, including invaluable blue and white print matrices.

The Podtatranské múzeum Library 
The library houses the historical and the new section, including not only books, but also brochures, magazines, maps, manuscripts and albums related to history, ethnography, tourism, etc. Services to the public are provided by means of internet study.

The Podtatranské múzeum Museum in Popraddepartment Spišská Sobota –permanent exhibitions:

Guilds and Crafts at the Region of Spiš – exhibition presenting collections related to guilds, as well as craft products. 
Burgess Dwelling – samples of dwelling and clothing accessories from the late 19th and early 20th centuries. 
Grandeur and Modesty – sacral artistic and historical items from the 17th to 19th century are presented. 
Personalities of Spišská Sobota (permanent exhibition)

Author: Veronika Baranová

Source: Podtatranské múzeum Poprad