Podpolianske Museum Detva

Location: Banskobystrický kraj, okres Detva, Detva

GPS: N48°33'34'' E19°25'8''

The Podpolianske Museum in Detva was established in February 1994. It was founded by the Town of Detva.

The main purpose of the museum is collection, documentation, professional processing, protection, and exhibition of material and immaterial artifacts of Podpoľanie.

The essence of the collection fund was created by an ethnographic collection prepared by several employees that were authorized by the town to collect and buy folk cultural objects from the whole area of Podpoľanie. Even today, ethnographic material from this region forms the predominant part of the collection.

Two permanent exhibitions are open to visitors:
1. Detva in historical sources  
2. Photographs by Ján Lassovszky (pictures of Detva from the first half of the 20thcentury). 

On July 9, 2009, a permanent exposition "Ovce moje, ovce..." (Walachian culture in Podpoľanie) was opened in the museum. It closed the series of expositions about sheep farming, sheep cheese production, bucolic folk culture in  Podpoľanie (2006-2009). The exposition has been prepared with the financial help of the Ministry of Culture of the Slovak Republic and with a financial contribution of the town of Detva. 

Outside the museum premises, a small permanent external exposition has been installed at Partizánska street No. 75 with the presentation and promotion purposes "From the treasures of Veronika Golianova".

Source: Podpolianske múzeum Detva, MsÚ Detva